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Российская Федерация. 
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пятница, 20 апреля 2018 г.
65 Российская Федерация. 18:35:08
­­I'm angry!
Why did it happen today?
Why am I so hard to understand? I asked a very simple question! Or not quite simple?
Did I say I was going to ignore her parents? I always try to rely on honesty, do not conceal anything. But what did I get back? Irritation and anger with lengthy answers.
Life is war! Fool, how could you forget that?! Love is war too.
She's right. Maybe I asked too complicated a question about the distant future. Although, this future is not as far as it seems.
I just want to know what can happen. She's afraid I might change. Maybe she's afraid that she will change?
I believe that. I still believe in love and hope for a bright future.
What are those charges?! I do not decide anything?! What to eat, where to go and so on?
I said a hundred times that is more important to me just to be with her. I can eat nothing, not to see, but I'd be happy just from the fact that she's around.
In addition! I ask her to decide sometimes, because she knows the language better, which means she can decide better. Moreover, I want to make her happier and therefore give her the opportunity to choose what he prefers.
I get the feeling she doesn't want to see my fears, my worries, anything else. Maybe she just wants to see a good picture. No, it can't be that. I just don't believe that.
Today this was not she. I prefer to believe in her letters.
However, if she thinks I'm so stupid, she's gonna have to show her the other side. The problem is food? Yes, I will learn all the names of the food from the dining room!
She accuses me of only looking for a place in Chengdu? Okay, forget I'm looking for them too. I'll just show her my plan.
The only question is, should I ask her something again? Think, that is worth. I don't want to hide anything.
I can change if that's what she wants. I have enough strength to do that.
Still my fault. Time will show her that I really love her and will not hurt her, that I will love her family as my own. More precisely, everything will be the same for my family.
But now I just want a little understanding. I'm not stupid or weak. But can't I be with someone I love and trust sometimes.
Maybe we should show her. Maybe she'll understand...or he'll get angry again.
There is no anger. It's all my fault.

Категории: ~Упущение~, ~Новая эра~
Российская Федерация. 18:31:22
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63 Российская Федерация. 16:35:11
­­Well, finally I decided to go back here to write something. Much time has passed and many things have happened. This month was hard. Nevertheless, it is possible to allocate a hike in mountains with my woman. Despite the new experiences I can say that part of the trip was a failure, for we have not prepared properly. As a result, we were several times on the verge of a major argument and almost got sick to the fullest. I was worried about her the whole time. However, in the end there was a huge quarrel. It really was the biggest quarrel of all time. Nevertheless, she went on favor. Thanks to this quarrel were made about the need to prepare for everything in advance and the importance of patience. Fuck, I remember that fight, the creeps. It was a fuckin ' word you can't say. How much I learned about myself. However, in the end, we had great sex.
Yes, there were still quarrels and misunderstandings, but every day I am more convinced that we are created for each other. It's all hard to explain in simple words, but I feel like we have a future. Fate itself guides us. I talk to her a lot about the future, about us. Of course, she doubts sometimes, and sometimes fears forthcoming separation. I'm afraid. I'm afraid of difficulties that will have to experience, and even more worried about her. However, I understand what I have to do. I must do my best to bring closer our future, in which we will be happy together. Yes, we will have to go through a lot and overcome, but I know, I am sure we will overcome everything and decide everything. Yeah, I'm still jealous, and I'm gonna be sick and tired of longing for her between our rare encounters, but I'll wait. Every day we get closer and stronger. Every day fills us with new memories and emotions: serious, happy, sad, funny and many others. Every day I see more and more clearly the challenges ahead, but behind those challenges I see our future. Russians don't give up. God is with us. And God bless our future.
The other day she fell asleep on my lap like a kitten. Then I looked at her and realized that I just can't betray or hurt her. I want to be with her and protect her forever.
I often think of myself as old. How I was full of arrogance, anger, hypocrisy. What would it be like if I met her then? I don't know, but I'm glad I met her after I changed fundamentally. Can, she-my reward for these changes? Who knows?..But I love her, and this love is so pure that there is no doubt. She's my quiet happiness. And now the power of that monster can only be aimed at protecting it.
I'm scared. I'm afraid of losing her. At the same time, I believe her. I believe her words and feelings. Believe, but would still fear. Here, for example today, when I went a comic talking about the consent of the parents, I am very tensed of the information received, saying their consent is necessary. What if they don't agree for some reason? What then? Although, I and its parents believe. They're very good people. But would still fear bites me from within. Should I talk to her about it? Probably worth it, for every lie and innuendo in the end destroys all or will cause irreparable damage.
Also, I'm making progress in Chinese. Finally!!!! Truth, need to continue to work honestly and intensely. At least, for the sake of our bright future.

Категории: ~Новая эра~
Российская Федерация. 13:19:27
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четверг, 15 марта 2018 г.
Российская Федерация. 10:14:33
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четверг, 18 января 2018 г.
Российская Федерация. 17:21:20
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Российская Федерация. 15:18:57
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Российская Федерация. 14:40:07
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Российская Федерация. 09:05:08
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воскресенье, 7 января 2018 г.
Российская Федерация. 20:28:36
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Российская Федерация. 20:11:13
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вторник, 2 января 2018 г.
Российская Федерация. 12:51:37
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среда, 27 декабря 2017 г.
Российская Федерация. 17:40:49
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суббота, 16 декабря 2017 г.
52 Российская Федерация. 14:12:59
Hello, kid.;-)­ :-?­ :-$­ :-)­

Категории: ~Новая эра~
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четверг, 14 декабря 2017 г.
Российская Федерация. 16:16:19
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Российская Федерация. 13:54:10
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Российская Федерация. 13:02:48
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понедельник, 11 декабря 2017 г.
Российская Федерация. 17:06:23
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четверг, 30 ноября 2017 г.
Российская Федерация. 16:43:30
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суббота, 25 ноября 2017 г.
Российская Федерация. 06:04:47
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воскресенье, 19 ноября 2017 г.
Российская Федерация. 18:41:04
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суббота, 18 ноября 2017 г.
Российская Федерация. 14:57:08
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Российская Федерация. 07:43:31
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пятница, 17 ноября 2017 г.
Российская Федерация. 11:55:11
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Российская Федерация. 10:45:50
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